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  • The Art League - Bedtime Stories, May 2012 - artists' book, "Blue Days, Blue Nights"
  • Del Ray Artisans - Childhood Memories, April 2012 - artists' book "Secret Diary," and two acrylic/collage paintings
  • The Art League - Earth, April 2012 - handmade collaged journal made of recycled materials, "Gingerbread Shack"; altered-book 'sculpture' with nest, "Reclamation"
  • Del Ray Artisans - 20th Anniversary exhibit, March 2012, Juror's Honorable Mention for "Sunset Gathering"
  • Latest poems published include "Seven Moon Drive Opus" in Gargoyle 58 (summer 2012); five poems, including "The First Prairie Falcon" and "Crow Speaks," in Iodine Poetry Journal Fall/Winter 2011/12; "Ticket Home" and "When a Tree Dreams" in New Mirage Journal Winter 2012; and, upcoming, "Mood Migraine" in Ars Medica.
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                                        "Plea to the Bleeding Sky" -- acrylic/collage, 21x15"


                    Plea to the Bleeding Sky

The December sky is facing
extinction, every sunrise paling.
Earth-entwined objects that need the light
reach up toward the heat, craving
even one mad fever.

A stream of days on the verge
of years, with a sky bleeding wine
over gaping mouths of rivers, stirs time
for the waiting faceless clock,
the spilled life running over.

Song ascends from the waters,
struggling to share the tears.
This plea to the bleeding sky echoes
like madrigals dancing us headlong
into a bitter winter. 

                                                                                                                   © 2011, DJ Gaskin

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